Discover the ultimate design optimization. The comprehensive solution for process automation and optimization in the engineering design process. modeFRONTIER modular environment is key to reduce complexity, improve efficiency and cut development time.

modeFRONTIER platform guarantees the management of all logical steps of an engineering design process.

The workflow formalization and the integration with third party tools enable the automation of the simulation process.

A suite of design of experiments and optimization algorithms drive the search for optimal solutions.
Picking the right design gets easier with a set of advanced tools for data analysis and visualization and decision making.

Improving Performance
Automate the engineering process with workflow formalization

Maximize Hardware Usage
Use all available computing resources with smart distributed execution

Outsmart the Competition
Simplify the toughest optimization challenge with best-in-class technology

Deliver Results on Time
Exploit optimization strategies tailored to available time and resources

Whats New

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